R used an iud or intrauterine device, even for less than one year, and remains low after use is discontinued. Condom and diaphram use. The consistent use of a condom or diaphram every time a woman has sex reduces her risk of cervical cancer. generic viagra images Giving birth before age 17. Women who give birth before the age of 17 are almost twice as likely to develop cervical cancer later in life than women who are age 25 years or older before giving birth. viagra for sale cheap Having three or more births. generic viagra images Women who have have given birth to three or more children have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. Poverty. Living in poverty increases the risk of cervical cancer. Diet. generic viagra canada Eating low quantities of fruits and vegetables increases the risk of cervical cancer. viagra trial free Exposure to des before birth. viagra sale buy Des (diethylstilbestrol) is a drug that was sometimes given to pregnat women between 1940 and 1971 to prevent miscarriage. viagra how long does it last Women whose mothers took des when pregnant with them suffer a higher risk of cervical cancer. Family history of cervical cancer. viagra kaufen rezept The risk of developing cervical cancer is two to three times higher if a woman's mother or sister had the disease. Age. order viagra online The risk of cervical cancer increases up to about the age of 40, at which time it remains relativelyt steady. Pap test. discount generic viagra mg Women who have a regular pap test are less likely to develop cervical cancer. If pre-cancerous cells are discovered early, the patient can be treated before they turn into cancer. cheapest price for generic viagra Symptoms of cervical cancer the most common symptoms of cervical cancer are: vaginal bleeding between periods vaginal bleeding after menopause menstrual bleeding that is longer or heavier than usual bleeding after intercourse pain during intercourse unusual vaginal discharge excessive tiredness leg swelling or pain low back pain having one or more of these symptoms does not mean that a woman necessarily has cervical cancer, but she should always check with her physician.   note: this website is informational only and does not provide any health or medical recommendations and none should be inferred. Readings about. Com cervical cancer riskâ factors. Cervicalca. buy viagra cheap